Shawn Pender

Cosultant of Baseball Operations, Instructor

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Shawn Pender

Shawn is a 30 year veteran of Major League Baseball where he has worked as a scout, coach, manager, and front office person. He presently works as the Cincinnati Reds Major League Advance Scout and Coach. Shawn has been a Scouting Director for the Cleveland Indians as well as a national/regional scouting supervisor for the Orioles, Rays, Indians, and Yankees. He also started the first ever scout’s team on the East Coast in 1989 when he worked for the Houston Astros in Florida fielding a team that included 10 former ML players, among those being Jason Varitek and Johnny Damon. Shawn has also been a Division I head coach and an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at the Division II level where he recruiting and coached a team that advanced to the College World Series.



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